Work Study Update & Clarification

March 23 – May 1

With the recent announcement that classes will be delivered via Blackboard for the remainder of the semester as a COVID-19 precaution, work study payment has been extended as described below.

If you worked prior to spring break and are currently being paid through work study funds (Federal Work Study, State Work Study or ASU work study) you will continue to get paid for your standard scheduled work hours through May 1, unless your work study award funds have exhausted their eligibility prior to the May 1 date. The US Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Education have authorized Adams State University to continue to pay you for hours not worked knowing that many students rely on work study wages.

If you are being paid out of department funds (campus employment), the supervising department will determine if they can continue to pay you for your standard scheduled work hours through the end of the semester. Campus employment funds come from various sources, so it is up to each department to determine if those funds can be used in this way. Contact your supervisor with any questions regarding this.

As a student employee, you will get paid for the actual hours worked from March 1 – March 13 and your standard scheduled work hours from Monday, March 23 – Tuesday, March 31 on your March timesheet. You will then get paid for your standard scheduled work hours from Wednesday, April 1 – Thursday, April 30 on your April timesheet. May 1 hours will be on your final timesheet for the semester. Please make sure you log your standard hours for these dates on the appropriate time sheets and submit your time sheet to your supervisor.

If you are in the area and are interested, you will be permitted to work on campus following the same work protocol for staff as it relates to Adams State’s COVID-19 precautions. Please note, if you are working from March 23 through May 1, you cannot work more than 20 hours per week since classes will be in session.

Please work closely with Sharon Chavez in the Financial Aid Office if you have questions. She can be reached at 719-587-7209 or

Federal Work Study Program

Earn money towards college expenses!

Employment provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience as well as a practical means to contribute to the costs of their education. Employment provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

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Time Sheets

Recording hours: Do not record hours on your time sheet before you work them. Round all times to the nearest quarter hour. You may not exceed the amount of your award.

Submission: All student time sheets must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. MST as listed below. Time sheets received after this date cannot be processed for payment until the following month.

Due dates and paydays: Time sheet due dates and paydays.